Apr 26, 2021
How would a SATA III SSDs read speed be affected in a ps4 slim?

I know the Ps4 runs only at SATA II speeds with SSDs but I found a ps4 compatible SSD that’s SATA III. In a SATA 3 port it ran at the advertised 520 MB/s. However in a SATA II port it ran at around 200-300 MB/s. Since the ps4 only supports SATA II would putting this SSD give me speeds of about 200-300 MB/s?
Per my last reply in one of your topics asking a similar question: Unless someone has access to a PS4 dev kit and can profile the storage performance, nobody can answer this.

What are you concerned about here? If it's loading times, there's plenty of videos, articles, or whatever showing what changing the PS4's storage to an SSD will do.