Question How would I go about having my mobile hotspot turn on automatically in Windows 11 ?

Mar 19, 2022
I'm using windows 11 on my desktop and was wondering how to turn the hotspot feature on automatically when I log into windows, I've already tried to look it up and nothing I found was working, the command I found was for CMD, and it was "netsh wlan start hostednetwork"
Yes, my hardware supports hotspot, I can manually turn it on and use it as I want, but I want to try and have it automatically turn on when i log in.

Nine Layer Nige

You may be able to create a "Task" using Task Scheduler so it runs on start up.
Type taskschd.msc in the run command to open the task scheduler and click Create Task from the Action menu.
The rest, well, you will have to figure out for yourself. Hope that helps.
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