How would I go about


Jan 7, 2011
How would I go about outting windows 7 on a Dell XPS 400.It currently has XP.I have a retail copy of windows 7,but its on my custom built PC.My understanding is its only good for one PC.If at all posible please give a link from newegg. Will a oem version work?


Aug 3, 2011
Each license key is good for one PC. So your retail copy is already used and can't be used again unless you uninstall it from the build it is currently on.

You can use an OEM version, but keep in mind that the OEM versions are tied to the motherboard. If the motherboard dies and you can't find the same model calling microsoft will likely get them to reactivate it. Even if they don't you can buy two OEM versions for the same price as a retail version.

Your final option is to buy a Windows 7 upgrade kit. While also cheap (I think it is also $100) it requires that the PC have a previous version of windows installed before you can install it.
I have OEM Vista64 and installed it on 3 different motherboards without issues. The 4th time I was prompted to call MS automated line (number comes up on screen during install) and get a new activation code.

It was a 2 minute phone call. Did not have to speak with anyone.

FYI Newegg has Win7 on sale (oem) sometimes for $89, check email specials regularly.