[SOLVED] How would I use a mouse and keyboard, and Controller but on 2 different instances of the same game?


Feb 20, 2018
What I'm trying to say is that is there anyway that I can use mouse and keyboard on one game, and a controller on another game but without them interfering with each other like making them separate. Like split screen where one controller controls one side of the screen, and the other controller controls the other side but they only control their specific side, but with 2 different instances of the same game. An example is something like the Minecraft Joypad mod where you could have 2 minecraft instances open but the mouse/keyboard, and controllers control different instances of the game without interfering with each other. Is there any way to do this for other games? I've been trying to figure out a way to do this. The problem is this: when I have a game like roblox opened with 2 instances of the game with 2 different accounts I plug in my controller but the mouse/keyboard and controller control the same instance, how would I make it so that the controller controls the other one and the mouse/keyboard control the first one so they don't interfere with each other so they can be separate, like a split screen game. I have 2 monitors.