Discussion How you know new stuff is coming...Price drops showing up

I've been tracking pricing trends for B450/X570 and Ryzen 3000 CPU's. I noticed starting about 2 weeks back there have been lots of specials showing up on popular vendor sites. For example Ryzen 3800x is available for $274 at a popular store. That's over $100 off it's MSRP and it's never been this low.

March 5th is coming. We're looking at B550, Ryzen 4000 series, and possibly Big Navi. So keep your eyes peeled. There's going to be some really good deals coming up. Stores are clearing out inventory to prepare for the new hardware.

While this post is somewhat a "Duhhh" for most of us, not everybody is aware of this. If the components you want are listing at full price, just wait a bit. This post is here to save you some money.
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