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howl to delete a corupted hidden file?


Dec 8, 2016
i have a corrupted file+is hidden.
recently i have installed a exe and it end up corupted.i tried uninstalling it and i can see it in the settings,but when i tried to uninstall it,it said is corrupted.
so i have searched the web how to force del files.but when i locate it,it said that is used by such and such file.and when i tried locating it as the path said,it was not there.when i do the coimmand to locate all the hidden files,it was also not there.BUT when i locate it with cmd and tried to del it,it told me is corrupted so it cant be deleted.
bbut why?if a folder i cant delete because the program is using it,and the program is corrupted?is it a virus?i use my virus scan but no results.what should i do?

thank you for taking your time.
Good possibility it is a virus.

"used my virus scan tool" what is this, there is good virus scanners, and others are not worth the 27 cents of electricity used by your PC to run it.

Should be able to boot into safemode and delete the file. You will need to go into folder options and show hidden files, possibly as well as protected OS ones.