How's Gigabyte's quality?


Dec 21, 2011

I just saw this news on Taiwan's forum. Someone burned his Gigabyte X79, even post the video clip.


This seems quite not a good signal to me.

I personally Asus motherboard for three years already. Considering set-up a new desktop as a new year gift to myself.
I still have good impression on ASUS, but under comparison, their price is not that friendly.
ECS seems having good C/P ratio. Also, how about Biostar?

Merry Christmas.
It looks like they got a bad component. I mean all the rest are not even burnt looking at all.

Gigabyte like all makers buy those parts from 3rd parties. That or someone was pushing WAY to much of an overclock

Personally i have not had any gigabyte issues, but i have not used Gigabyte's X79 boards yet.