Question HOWTO setup multiple inputs to speakers?


Dec 26, 2008
I have too many speakers on my desk and I would like to consolidate them into one set. Right now I have:
  • Tower computer
  • Laptop computer
  • Tv
  • Apple Device to do AirPlay from phone
The reason for so many devices is because it is quick and easy to silence one when I need the other. For example, I have an incoming call on the laptop and I reach for the phone to stop it from streaming audio, which I find much, much easier than digging through all my apps to find the app on the laptop that is streaming. There are times when I need different audio sources to monitor things but need to quiet one or more of them for a given time. What I would really, really like is a 3 or 4 port stereo mixer that I could mount to the bottom of my desk. Most of what I have seen that are in the $50~$100 range are 5 port mixers for DJing, they take up too much desk space and are normally allow one to configure either 3 mono and 1 stereo channel or 1 mono and 2 stereo channels.

Does anyone know of a mixer that is simply a 3 or 4 channel stereo mixer?