HP 110-016 Model#H5P36AA Man: JUN 2013 Desktop SATA III Config

Jan 3, 2019
Bought a new SATA III 3T H/D. Tower has the DVD/ROM hooked to 1 of two SATA Power on MOBO(the other of course hooked to my OLD Drive) I will replace. HOW do I swing it to do a Clone or Xfer of everything from OLD to NEW Drive? Can I just DISconnect DVD/ROM Power/Data and hook up NEW H/D to empty Slot, and "do my thing"?? Tried getting the Power Connector off of DVD to MOBO, but won't budge.


Yes power off and disconnect the sata data cable , the smaller of the two, from the back of the DVD drive and plug it into the new HDD.
You probably have a spare power cable coming from the power supply that you can plug into the new HDD. If not pull the power off the DVD drive too and connect it to the HDD.

Now you can boot up and clone the old HDD to the new one. Many use Macrium Reflect Free but your HDD manufacturer should have a free utility also.
When done cloning, Disconnect the old HDD and set it aside in case you need to redo the clone. Attach the old HDD data cable to the new HDD. (Even put the new hdd in the old hdd spot if you want) and put the DVD cable back on the DVD.

Boot windows back up and test that everything now works.

Hopefully you don't have a real old motherboard that doesn't work with 3tb+ sized drives.