Question HP 6820s black screen, fans spinning, not booting ?


Nov 12, 2017

I'm trying to pinpoint the faulty hardware on my old HP 6820s laptop. Is it the GPU (no onboard graphics), is it the only RAM stick, or something else...

This is what happened when the problem occurred:
  • I turned on the laptop
  • noisy fans start spinning at high levels, as usual
  • The BIOS post screen was shown, as usual
  • Some green fragments started showing in the right section of the letters shown there
  • Screen went black
Here's what happens now each time I turn on the laptop:
  • always a black screen, nothing is ever displayed now or later
  • no audio beeps
  • noisy fans start spinning at high levels, as usual
  • that's it, nothing happens, so even after few minutes if I press the power button, laptop shuts down in 1 second, which won't be a case if booting occurred in the background.
It is the last turn-off detail that forces me to believe it's not just the green artifacts due to dead GPU but most probably the only RAM stick inside died.

Be kind to pinpoint the faulty hardware with these details, I'll provide more upon request.
Thank you
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Try different RAM, and it does sound like a dead motherboard. A lot that I worked on have exact same symptoms with the fan running fast but dead system. Those 20 series smaller laptops were pretty bad, most we had at work had fan noise issues.