Question HP 705 G4 Elite Desk Mini


Feb 3, 2016

I have an HP 705 G4 DM 65W (TAA) pc that uses an AMD ryzen 5 Pro 2400G CPU. There are other CPUs that fit the socket type, but not sure if I have to update the BIOS. I can't find many details on the motherboard other than the manufacture is listed as HP 83E9. This was a refurbished PC I bought and it has been updated with a BIOS version HP Q26 4/15/21.

Pulled from HP link
65 W
Up to 3.9 GHz maximum Turbo frequency (3.6 GHz base frequency)
6 MB cache, 4 cores
AMD Radeon Vega Graphics 11
DDR4 memory up to 2667 MT/s data rate
Chipset B350 FCH

I'm trying to determine if I could upgrade the CPU to a ryzen 7 or 9 (specified to still be a 65W CPU) without changing the mother board to help with multi-tasking with my CAD program I use concurrently with office applications.

When I look at my system information I see that the above matches except I don't see something called out as Chipset B350 FCH. I do see in the system information that the baseboard manufacturer, product, and version are:
KBC Version 07.D1.00

I also see that the BIOS was updated to HP Q26 V 2.16.00 4/15/2021

It looks like a Ryzen 7 5800, 5800x or Ryzen 9 5900 are 65W and fit the AM4 socket.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to find more information or have experience on the Motherboard?

2nd challenge I see even if I find that the CPU is compatible is that this computer uses HP Surestart and the BIOS on this is PW protected which is unknown to me which means I can't access unless I reset. Before I were to attempt removing the internal battery to reset the BIOS I'm really trying to determine if I can actually upgrade the BIOS and if the CPUs above would work for this application. Any suggestions on approach or feedback is appreciated.