Question HP 800 G2 MT and GPU powered by a second PSU

May 11, 2023
I have HP 800 G2 MT, i3 6100, 16GB RAM, SATA SSD. I want to run a GPU powered from a second power supply on it. I have a synchronizer for the power supply. The GTX 1650 and Quadro K2000 powered by PCIe work, but e.g. GTX 1080 powered by a secondary power supply is not detected in the device manager. I connected the power supply synchronization to 12V in different places: SATA, 6-pin power supply to the motherboard, from the PCIe connector and it does not work in any case. The second power supply and synchronizer are working. The fans on the card are working. GTX 1080 on another computer works. Other PCIe-powered devices work on the HP 800 G2. I have the latest BIOS. Is there any way to run a GPU powered from a second power supply?


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

If I were you, I'd consolidate the build with one PSU. Pick up this harness/adaptor;
and invest in a larger capacity ATX/SFX PSU.

I'd also advise on contacting moddiy to see if the harness I've linked is good to go out of the box.