Hp a1720n wont power on sometimes


Jul 7, 2012
I have a HP Pavilion a1720n desktop that wont power on sometimes . I get nothing when i hit the power button . I unhooked everything and started using a different pc and one day decided to hook the hp back up it start and ran just fine i did notice the clock wouldn't keep the correct time when the pc would go into power save mode when it woke back up the clock would have the wrng time . it ran fine other then that . until i had to do a restart the the problem was back again nothing happen when i hit the powerr buttonso i unplugged again for a few days to a week it starts right up and runs fine until the dreaded restart . any help would be appreciated
Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
Sounds like the CMOS battery (watch battery type thing) on the motherboard needs replacing. It also sounds a little as though the power supply may need replacing or possibly your front panel power switch. I would start by replacing the CMOS battery and seeing where that gets you.
Good luck.