Question HP bricked BIOS, recovery doesn't work ?


Nov 1, 2012
This night I was an idiot.

I had nothing better to do, so I went updating my software, drivers, and the BIOS. The last one always worked for me, until this night.

I have a HP 17-by0024nm laptop. I downloaded the latest BIOS (F.62) and made sure everything was secured before flashing it - power cord was connected, battery was full, no other programs were running.

The flashing completed, and the laptop initiated a restart from which it never booted again.

The screen is not just black, but completely turned off. Touchpad and keyboard don't work, not even Caps Lock LED. The speaker doesn't beep. The only things that work are the fan, hard disk, power button, power LED and charging LED. Nothing more. Also tried connecting to my TV via HDMI, nothing.

I used my brother's laptop to create the BIOS recovery USB drive, following HP's instructions to the letter. It didn't work, either alone or with key combinations Win+B or Win+V.

My warranty ended in October last year. As the CPU and SSD are soldered to the motherboard, the replacement could cost me a fortune. I will ask my local repair shop if something else could be done, but if not, I will extract the hard disk to save my data and be done with it - luckily my desktop still works fine.

I don't get it. I've had all successful flashes before, and I can't see why this night was any different.