Question HP Chromebook won't restore OS


Dec 10, 2007
Hello. I'm working on a HP Chromebook 14-x013dx laptop. When I turn it on it goes to a blank screen and nothing loads. I do hear the Google chime. I connected it to an HDMI port on my TV and I see a white screen with the mouse icon and when I move the mouse around on the mouse pad it also moves on the screen. This is just a blank white screen.

I went here.

Following the instructions I hold down ESC, refresh, and Power and let go. A screen pops up on the laptop this time, saying Chrome OS is missing or damaged please insert a recovery USB stick or SD card.

So step one in the link above doesn't work and I go to step two to use a USB stick to restore. On a Windows computer I created the Chrome USB restore stick following the instructions and using the model number that appears on the Chrome laptop. It downloads and creates the USB stick with no problems and it says complete. I hit done.

When I go back to the Chromebook with the new USB stick, that should have the recovery module on it, I get the screen again about Chrome OS is missing or damaged. I insert the USB stick and the screen goes away and then turns black and does nothing. The USB stick has a light on it and the light flashes over and over again and I have left it for hours and nothing happens. The HDMI connection also shows nothing on the TV.

Just checking to see if anybody else ran into this same issue on another Chromebook and if you had a fix. I can't find anything else that works.