Question HP-Compaq DC 7800 Serial Port not supported on Windows 10?


Jul 25, 2011
So a friend gave me an old HP-Compaq DC 7800 SFF. The Serial Port shows up as not working. When I try to play sound through the there is no sound through speakers or headphone jacks. When I look at the Device Manager the speakers and headphone don't even show . When I hooked up the Graphics Card with an HDMI cable the sound plays through the TV just fine . When it had Windows 10 Home installed on it said that the new driver was unsupported in Windows. Has this happened to anyone else? If it has could you share some light on the matter? Thank you
The last Windows HP supported was Vista, so its no surprise there are no Windows 10 drivers. Check hardware IDs, and search drivers for them, you might find them somewhere else.

As for the Serial port - make sure it is enabled on BIOS. This is standard hardware from 80s, it does not need special drivers.
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