HP computer had a weird start up after nearly 48 hour outage and low house temperatures


May 21, 2013
Hardware info in case it's needed:
Corsair 600 watt PSU
GPU: GTX 660
CPU: AMD FX-6120 six core

Windows 7

Recently my area had a really bad ice storm and power was out for nearly 48 hours in my area, and the temperature in my house was between 50 and 60 degrees for at least 30 of these hours (we had no alternate source of heat, we had to seriously blanket up). The computer was on at the time of the outage and when power finally came back some odd things occurred:

1) My modem light indicating "signal from main computer" was on, when normally it's never on when the computer is powered off under normal circumstances.

2) Upon pressing the power button the computer and monitor "turned on" but it was stuck on a blank screen with no activity. I turned it off via holding the button and turning it back on. I got the standard "Windows shut down in an unnatural way, wanna start in safe mode?" and just chose "start windows normally," and the computer took a little longer than normal to turn on.

3) This is probably not related, but the computer suddenly downloaded updates and I went ahead and turned the computer off when it was ready to apply the update.

So far it looks like all is fine now, but should I be concerned by the constant low temp possibly messing something up, or the fact that the computer was on when the outage first occurred?