Review HP Dragonfly G4 Review: Minor Additions and Adjustments


May 2, 2006
What runs through my head when thinking about laptops like this is while they are good why pay $2k for it when you can get a Macbook Air for soooo much less?

Dont get me wrong I am no Apple fanboy, heck I dont even own a Apple laptop.

But the Macbook Air 13 or 15 will perform similar, if not better, be silent, blow away Intel based laptops in battery life, and have better build quality and support than what HP offers.

I've always been a Windows laptop kind of guy but with more and more workloads moving to the cloud the Operating system is becoming less and less important.
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Feb 25, 2006
Frustrating to see battery life stay stagnant or get worse. These manufacturers don't know what to do with a CPU or seemingly platform power management. They just throw in whatever parts with a "screw it, ship it now!" mentality.

Throttle the power limits, FFS.

How did HP lose 12% battery life YoY? Does Tom's Hardware have any information? Assuming Tom's Hardware & Tom's Guide run the same test suite:

HP Dragonfly G3 (68 WHr): 14.33hr / 4.75W
HP Dragonfly G4 (68 WHr): 12.73hr / 5.35W
MacBook Air 13 M1 (50 WHr): 14.68hr / 3.41W
MacBook Air 13 M2 (53 WHr): 14.1hr / 3.55W

Wrong direction, HP. Even these ultra-premium, ultra-low-power Intel laptops can't get their battery life together.