HP dv6 cooling & performance problem

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Mar 8, 2012
Hello folks, :hello:

Device in question : HP Pavilion dv6 6170us
( bought in NYC in August, no warranty )

i7 2630 2.0GHz
Radeon 6770m 1GB GDDR5 & Intel HD 3000
750GB HDD,
running on Windows 7 Home Premium (x64)

I am getting clueless on how to get my laptop temperatures under control. The laptop had a slight heat problem right from the beginning, however lately these temperature rises have gotten too extreme. I don't mind the laptop being fairly hot, after all it has a lot of firepower in such a small place, however since about three months ago the temperatures made me unable to play any more demanding games ( such as Deus Ex HR or Kingdoms of Amalur ) and recently Mass Effect 3, which runs fine until the laptop hits the 90s ( even though the CPU only shows about 15% load and it is set to 55% max in the power settings, with the fan speed set to max on the HP CoolSense )

Until about three months ago I was able to play even Battlefield 3 for longer periods of time, albeit at settings all low with about 25 fps, which seemed low to me, but I carried on anyway. After it got worse I decided ( last week ) to open the laptop and cleaned it all through and through and exchanged the thermal paste for an Arctic Cooling solution. This had helped the situation, yet even now at idle, the CPU is hitting 78C ( and the CPU is working at 800MHz ).

I'd undervolt it, but that seems impossible as both RM Clock and CPUgenie only give me a BSOD. Underclocking the GPU in MSI Afterburner didn't help either. I am currently building a cooling pad from some spare fans, yet that is hardly a permanent solution.

I was thinking about buying a laptop fan and hardmodding it right on the CPU, or add some heatsinks, so I am open to that - but I am still hoping for another solution. I'd appreciate any help I could get.

Additional Notes -
- The laptop fan makes a load of noise, yet I don't feel much air ventilating through, even though it should be clean. I'll try opening it again and checking for problems while running, yet the problem was here even before.

- This extreme cooling problem is a new thing, and I feel like its getting even worse even though the performance in games has increased ( or at least the time before the laptop began dowthrottling(?) to save its burning ass is longer ), yet about 20 minutes of Mass Effect 3 gets it back into the 90s, otherwise before that the game is running super-smoothly.

- The installation of Windows 7 is fairly new

- I didn't do much tweaking outside of the fan/power/GPU options

- I'm not expecting it to get super-cool, but it'd be awesome to be around and below 85C under load, which I suppose is something it should be capable of doing, otherwise the whole laptop is useless.

- I haven't seen it go over 93C

Sorry for the long post, just trying to give as much relevant information as possible.

Thank you,
mrazakmrazak :pt1cable:


Hello mrazakmrazak;

I'm thinking your best option would be finding a good laptop repair shop and have them clean and tune up the cooling system for you. Replace the old thermal compound / thermal pads with premium stuff and make sure everything is adjusted correctly.
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