HP DV9000 Lights up, but no boot/no fan/blank screen


May 4, 2010
Hi guys I recently bought a power supply for a HP DV9000 a friend gave me. Not sure if it was working when he gave it to me because he had no power supply.

Anyway, I got the power supply and everything lights up, but! it does not actually start up. The only thing that happens in that the blue lights are lite. The dvd drive seems to work or make a noise, but the fan never makes any sound and you can see it not moving. I read that there is a major problem with the graphics card and there is a reflow fix. I just wanted to make sure this was the problem before I tryed the fix.

anyone have any info on what it might be? Most reflow problems I read about the fan at least started and the laptop beeped. this one does nothing but light up.

Thanks for any help