Question HP Elite 8300 CMT - Graphic card upgrade

Jul 12, 2019
I've just received this PC:
  • HP Elite 8300 CMT (Convertible Minitower so no Low Profile required for the graphic card)
  • 320 W HP proprietary power supply without 6 pin connector for extra power
  • Intel i5-3570 @3.40 GHz
  • 8 GB di RAM - I can extend to 16 GB with 2x4GB (or maybe I can buy 4x8GB)
  • 500 GB hard drive that I have to replace with a SSD, probably with Samsung 860 PRO MZ-76P512B/EU 512 GB
I want to use this PC as a replacement of my old XBox 360.
Which graphics card can I buy now?

It is confirmed that 8300 can works fine with the GV-N105TOC-4GD without 6 pin. This is the most used card that I found on the web. They refer the Low Profile card because they use the HP Elite 8300 SFF model: smaller and with less power suply.

Here the post of Matt123MJC where he says that he uses this card on February 2019: (closed post)

On May 2017 in this forum Jungstar says that he can use the GTX 1060 SC 6 GB with just an adapter 2 x SATA to 1 x 6 pin to take extra power from the sata power line
I don't undestand whitch exactly model I can buy.

The GV-N105TOC-4GD is still a good solution now?

Is there someone that can share his experience with the GTX 1060 SC 6GB on this setup (8300 CMT with 320 W power supply)?

Is there a more recent graphic card I can install in this PC with the original power supply?

I can also evaluate to change the PSU. HP uses a proprietary PSU. Here I found an adapter that should work for me:

On September 2018 in this forum Bandley3 says that he installs a GTX 1080 with a 1000W Corsair PS on his PC with the i7.
My CPU is only an i5 and I don't think it can be a nice match.


May 22, 2019
Do not use adapters for a GPU. My guess would be that if the person has regularly used that GTX 1060 with the adapter, either the GPU will have stopped working, the PSU will have went boom, or the adapter will have caught fire. The best GPU that doesn't need a power connector is the Gigabyte GTX 1650 OC (beats the 1050 Ti). Either go with this, or get something like a Seasonic S12II 420/520 or other similar PSU, then get the 24 to 6 pin adapter, then get whatever GPU you like.
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