Review HP Elite Folio Review: Pleather for the Pros


May 13, 2021
Personally I'd say there isn't much to this laptop. It is enough for some basic office tasks with the ARM processor but even a single glance at the Geekbench scores told me it isn't for me (I need the processing power).

But anyways excellent review, I wonder will ARM gain traction and bring the competition to high end notebooks or even desktops?


Windows on ARM is really stupid. Windows don't have the luxury of APP integration like MacBooks have. Plus many Windows software can't even run properly on the weak ARM hardware even if they make it ARM compatible.

AMD must make a fanless x86 CPU to rival the M1 apple CPUs using the 5nm process. A 5watt 6c12t cpu with 5nm RDNA 2 or 3 graphics with less CUs to fit the power budget should do the trick. This setup will make ARM Windows Laptops obsolete.


Dec 31, 2007
I am still using the original Spectre Folio, the last notebook to rock a fanless Y-series CPU. Performance is a bit lacking occasionally because the Y but not having any fan noise is worth the tradeoff having the notebook in meetings. However, I would not trade fanless for ARM Windows. If Y is lacking there is no way ARM can do better in emulation mode.

The brown leather on the Folio has aged extremely well. I only wish it came with 16:10 display rather than 16:9. 3:2 might be the current trend but hardly anyone makes 3:2 desktop monitors and most of the time the notebook is used in docking mode.