Question HP Elitebook Laptop power issue?


Oct 18, 2017
I'm working on an HP Elitebook 8470p. The initial issue is that the left hinge on the screen is broken open, but after opening the unit up these wires all go to a wifi chip in that back corner of the board. (There is also a wifi chip towards the front of the laptop as well. I find it odd there are two wifi chips, but I looked up the corner one in question to verify and it is indeed a wifi chip.) The larger problem is that at times it would not charge. I have an AC voltage tester, (pen shaped), and it goes off all around the laptop indicating that the whole laptop (board at least) is getting power, but at this point the computer won't power on. I did look closely at the power connector while I had the laptop open, and it looks fine--no damage.

What is stumping me is that none of the front (power/battery/HDD) LEDs light up and the machine doesn't turn on, but my AC voltage tester indicates it is clearly getting power? I mean, I moved my tester all the way to the opposite corner of the laptop from the power jack and it still goes off. The laptop HAS to be receiving power, and yet all the symptoms (even before I reached a point where I couldn't turn it on) suggest a power issue.

Any thoughts?