Question HP ENVY 13-aq1013dx Laptop screen has this weird issue

seema kanwal

Aug 6, 2020
Dear Community,

I have a user in my company whom we have given a new laptop [HP ENVY 13-aq1013dx]. He is having a weird issue on his screen.
I am sharing a video in a below link for demonstration.
The screen gets shaky and jerky.
The user says that he has experienced this issue getting worse when he has multiple apps opened. The issue is random, it appears and disappears on its own.
Please take a look at the video and help me out in this regard.
Here is the link:✌/g/personal/seema_kanwal_crescent_com_pk/EfLFpTEU3JFPowWu3JX...

P.S. He has windows 10 Pro version 2004.
I have a feeling it could be due to display driver etc,.
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