Hp Envy 14 won't boot, semi-fixed and now there's more problems


Apr 9, 2012

My hp envy 14 (windows 7)randomly wouldn't boot after a critical update from windows. It woul only boot in safe mode. I took it to a futureshop tech support guy and he said the system had to be recovered. He showed me how, and when I got home I decided to try I right away. I was stopped by an error message jn the recovery media creator telling me my computer had no recovery partition. I then checked disk utility and saw that it says I do have a recovery partition labelled d: the tech support guy then said he could give me recovery disks, but that most likely it would be a hard drive problem. I called hp and they told me its not a hard drive problem. Could the community please clear this up for me? What's wrong and what should I do?
1. Did the tech guy tell you this process would lose all your data and return the PC to factory new software load? You will need to reinstall all programs, redo all music, you will lose all photos, etc.

2. IF this is what you want to do then try this to return your PC to factory new just like you bought it....

1.Right-click on "Computer" icon and select manage.
2.This will launch the Microsoft Management Console.
3.On the left side of the MMC, click on "Disk Management" and it will show you all of the partitions.
4.Right-click on the "HP Recovery" partition and select "Mark as Active Partition."
5.When the warning prompt appears, select "Yes" - Reboot the notebook and it will automatically boot into the Recovery Manager (without having to press F11).

From http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Operating-Systems-and/F11-HP-recovery-doesn-t-boot-into-recovery-partition/td-p/197434
Sorry, I don't know. Maybe someone else does.

Since this is a trick of how to recover HPs, maybe someone on the HP forums will know.

Aside, i've done full HP restores a few times without hitting the problems you are hitting, but google can find more than one thread with very similar symptoms to yours. Suggest you post over at HP support then do some googling to see if someone else posted a good answer.