Question hp envy 700-056 no post/signal/beep when powered on and then power button will not turn it off

Feb 24, 2023
i've googled (and bing'd) my little heart out but nothing. so last resort; computer aficionados.

stock pc bought new years ago

  • MS-7778 (JasmineR)
  • AMD A10 6700
  • DDR3-1600
  • Internal 300W (100V-240V)
  • no signal upon power on
  • no beeps
  • no keyboard leds
  • the 3 stacked disc shaped led on top of front panel turns on and stays on
  • yes cpu and system fans spinning
  • power button powers on but will not power off, must yank power cable from psu
troubleshooting attempts
  • removed/reseated ram
  • disconnected drives
  • different monitors
  • different cables
  • dvi instead of vga
still no signal. thanx in advance guys =)