Question HP ENVY x360 keyboard giving ''extra'' input on a few keys ?


Oct 1, 2013
Hi guys, hope everyone is doing good.

So here is what i am dealing with, i have a HP ENVY X360 (BP012), it is a 2017 model. It is a relatively well kept system, I never had any major issues nor i can remember it getting physically damaged beyond few bruises through out its use especially recently, no spillage either.

The problem started a few months back, out of nowhere the keyboard started acting up, like if i press D i would get DF same if i press F, identical issue with C and V, E and R. Pressing 5 (the one below Fn row) would start reducing brightness and pressing T would increase brightness, pressing G fist shows monitor selection options and then takes me to some menu which is showing CPU usage. All these problem strangely are happening only at the left hand side of alphabet keys and other keys including the number pad works just fine.
First I tried the obvious troubleshoots and everything that I could find on internet to fix general keyboard problems but no luck and most opinions pointed to keyboard being faulty. HP ended support for this laptop at the start of 2021, so I ordered a spare/used palm top(fixed keyboard, thanks HP) from aliexpress, exact model, arrived in good condition, fitted perfectly but it has THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM and I mean literally exact, the same keys are malfunctioning and giving faulty input, its the same input as i was getting before.

I cant wrap my head around this, also I cant figure out what keywords to use to google this exact problem. The keyboard port on motherboard and also keyboard cable itself looked normal, nothing stood out. It is obvious that the keyboard is not the problem, the probability that the same keys went bad in an other laptop and i happened to get that very keyboard!!! I am hoping someone here has dealt with something similar and can point me in the right direction because I am out of ideas. This is my daily use work pc and I need to get this working. I'll be grateful for any help I can get. Thankyou.