[SOLVED] HP EX920 SSD wayyy underperforming. How do I go about getting it fixed?


Mar 11, 2010
I purchased the HP EX920 SSD from newegg.ca roughly around 11/21/2018 and the first thing I noticed was that it ran and benchmarked very slow around only 1600mb/s seq read speeds.
Didn't make sense since pcie 2.1 x4 should be able to do 2000mb/s. Either way, I passed it off thinking maybe my older motherboard may be the bottleneck.

Now I have a brand new top end laptop (Legion Y740) with the latest specs, which came with a Samsung PM981 which should benchmark significantly slower than the EX920.
I benchmarked this Samsung drive extensively (see here: View: https://imgur.com/a/0HR9HtQ
) with my system in it's stock factory state, then took it out, installed my HP EX920 after running a Secure Erase command from parted magic to reset this drive back to factory performance. This EX920 has only had light use and used with 50% over provisioning in my desktop as a secondary drive.
I did a clean install of windows and all the latest drivers I could find. I double checked for firmware updates to make sure it already had the latest version SVN139B (it did) then benchmarked it in two controller modes, ACHI mode using the official driver from your website, then in RST/RAID mode using the latest RST drivers from Intel (see here View: https://imgur.com/a/AYFSZIg

On this same laptop where the samsung PM981 easily hit 2300mb/s this HP EX920 couldn't go anywhere past the same 1600ish mb/s bottleneck that I saw on my desktop regardless of what drivers or controller mode I used. To further verify if I had an exceptionally slow EX920 I my SSD scores in usermark from when I had the PM981 to now with the EX920. Which shows my HP EX920 wayyy under performing and the PM981 performing above average in the same laptop.

UserMark results (EX920): https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/20703947
UserMark results (PM981): https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/20699487

I was excited to use this SSD when I first got it only to be disappointed but giving it the benefit of the doubt and blaming my computer, now that I have a new computer and what should be an inferior SSD that's outperforming the EX920 I have, I'm now disappointed again after verifying it was not my computer but this drive that was underperforming. I was meticulous in my testing to make sure it was not my system that was the bottleneck. I'm quite sure that I've had a bad unit and have been using this bad EX920 this whole time.

Is there anyway to have this fixed or replaced under warranty or something? The HP website just leads me to a manual and no proper contact, no matter how hard I search, and I cant register my EX920 or check it's warranty because the website cant find anything with my serial number.