Question hp g1 600 prodesk sff gpu dilemma (Full details Included) detailed read

Jan 10, 2021
So, I have seen a few threads like this, usually about the same pc, but i dont think the people asking for help were asking the right questions , and because of this, the common reply was "buy a new pc" Well, i cant, i bought a cheap hp g1 600 sff for 64 bucks to build a lite gaming computer for as cheap as possible and thats what I intend to do.

Getting the pc to boot up was a journey, it had no os, so i tried to install ubuntu, but ubuntu was no good, so i had the hardest time installing windows, even with the tools provided to me by MS. the hdd was formatted to some weird format so i had to get into the commad prompt and spend 2 hours getting the hdd to accept windows. So this kind of made the price I paid seem not as awesome.

so i get everything running, and on stock with intel hd intergrated graphics this computer is a ok. On low, at 900p i can play gta v at like 28-35 frames a sedcond MKX at 27 frames per second on low@ 720p and some nice ps2 emulation so i know the cpu is decent. my problem is the gpu, I been messing around with computers forever. but a sff pc is something i have never dealt with So for the past week i have been researching my options for a new gpu, and they seem a bit limited if i take the head on proper way. Online, it seems that people recommend, and use the gt 1030, the 1050, and 1650, all low profile of course. But this leads to the problem of pricing. The low pro card can cost 75 to 100 bucks more than their full size counter parts, and thats on the used market.

So my next train of thought is to find another low pro gpu, and while i have found a few decent ones online for great prices, i understand that when dealing with these prebuilts, the motherboards are very specific as to what they can use. So im afraid that just because something will fit, and doesnt need the extra power, that it will work. I have read that these hp boards lock the amount of power the pcie can use at like 35 or so, which is a far cry from the 75 other mobos can use. This part confuses me because the 1050 ti lp uses more than that. but people are using it just fine. So i wonder if am amd card with similar specs will work as well. I saw in the bios there is an option to remove the limits of said power restrictions to the pcie, but i may be wrong about that.

So this sums up my problem. I dont know enough about these hp mobos to make an educated purchase on the gpu.

Now, if i can indeed remove any limits on pcie, or if there arent any other than the 75w default than my next options could include getting a full size card and an extender. If i could do that, i could get a 1050 ti basic card. I have also read of people using 2 psus to run full size cards. This is an option id consider but i dont know much about how this works. So i assume its like this, the stock gpu powers the mobo, and the new psu powers the hdd, dvdr fanst. and gpu correct? The only thing is this impacts my price. I dont want to spend more than what i would of vs getting cheap ryzen build ya know? or a ps4..

My goal is not 1440p, or even full 60fps in be happy with running most games at 30-60 fps on medium serttings @ 1080p, or even 900 p..screw it 720p. i also love emulation, and making youtube videos... so i dont need an rtx 3090 so what do you all think? the rest of the specs are down below, if you got this far, thank you!

i5 46xx @3.3ghz
8gb ram
500 gb decent hard drive
240 watt hp "exclusive" psu