HP G61 Laptop Black screen on turn-on


Jan 24, 2012
Hello all,

the hp laptop's screen has stopped functioning recently, so that every time i turn it on, all the fans spin and the lights come on, but the screen is completely blank not even showing the bios. all the lights turn on and there are 2 sets of 5 small white lights that blink in 3 second intervals (one on the left of the keyboard, one on the top of the keypad, right to the altec lansing sign)

so here are the theories:

///the cpu or the motherboard are dead

///the integrated video broke (radeon 4200)

these assumptions come from the fact that i tested everything else:

-plugged in another monitor into the laptop/still black

-the laptop would still show the bios without the hard drive

-if ram failed/ there is another stick to back it up

-if the psu was bad, it wouldnt turn on in the first place

so the bottom line is, how can i fix it, and is it worth fixing?

thanks, and help of any kind would be appreciated.