Question HP laptop can not find bootable device

Jul 14, 2019
Hello guys, my problem is kinda weird

So i was installing windwos 10 on a girlfriends HP laptop, everything went well until i tried to use activator from piratebay, after i installed it and installed kaspersky well kaspersky showed that i actually installed a virus so i decided to reinstall windows.

Anyhow i rebooted pc, selected boot from usb, everything started well and on the licence page i opened up that tab you get when you press shift+f10 to clear discs, i had two discs one 500gb and other 32 (probably usb) and i cleared them both. After that i couldnt continue instalation and after i rebooted it says can not find bootable device, i took USB to my pc and found out windows cant format it (so im guessing it broke down or something), now im worried that maybe i fucked up laptop"s HDD but the quick check found it to be working.
Tomorrow i will go and buy new USB and try to install windows again using it. Im wondering if i should change something in BIOS to make it work again or what is the next step i should do, i know it will probably work with new USB but im scared to my bones as its brand new laptop and its not even mine so im hoping to get some clearance before i go shopping for new usb. Thanks in advance



Unfortunately we wouldn't be able to help you in this scenario as we do not support any issue related to any pirated copy of a program.

We would strongly encourage you to buy a genuine copy of Windows and an antivirus program, and then report back to us if the problem persists.