Question HP laptop keyboard replacement


Jun 28, 2015
Hi all.
I have an HP Envy 17m-ae111dx.
Recently, the case cracked around the hinge on the bottom half (keyboard/motherboard).
So I bought a replacement case (just the top half that holds the keyboard and that the motherboard screws into).
I had the laptop nearly completely disassembled and ready to transfer to the new case, but then I saw that the keyboard was not like most laptop keyboards I've seen.
On this model, the top part is a single piece of plastic with squares cut out for the keyboard keys and a rectangle cut out for the touchpad. There is no pop-out keyboard insert.
On the underside (under motherboard, there is a sheet metal cover covering the keyboard assembly. There are no screws or anything to unfasten. There a bunch of plastic pegs poking through holes (and looks like they may have been blunted or slightly melted) to serve as the tray that holds the keyboard assembly as its keys poke through the squares on the top side.
I cannot figure out how this is supposed to be removed.
I'm afraid if I put a screwdriver under the metal and start prying, that pegs will start snapping (not a big deal if the keyboard isn't broken) and the metal may start getting bent up, and the keyboard assembly might possibly break.
I could not find a relevant video on YouTube or any help on HP's website about this kind of keyboard installation.
I'd like to salvage this keyboard assembly as I'm not even sure I can find a replacement with the sheet metal ready to install.
Has anybody seen an assembly like this?
I have pictures, but I don't see a way to upload them.



There's only so much you can explain with the aid of text that you need other forms of illustrations, to get your message across. In this case, you're advised to parse images for your issue to corroborate your findings. To add, yes there are instances where the keyboard and trackpad and fused to the palm rest with what looks like plastic rivets but in fact are pegs that were melted to help act as a rivet for the keyboard. You'll see the same design on Sony Vaio laptop's as well.

The pegs being snapped off is part of the process of disassembling. Host your images on an image hosting site then parse the links to them here, on this thread.