HP laptop not booting up

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Feb 10, 2011
My laptop (HP G60-418CA T4200/4GB/320) has stopped booting up properly as of today. It's running Windows Vista X32, it keeps running Start-up Repair continuously. I cant get into safe mode, or access the boot log. I have yet to try a system restore to a previous date as it is on limited access.Normally I wouldn't really wouldn't be as stressed about it, but my external HD +$*$+$% on me recently so I don't have anything backed up with the second semester in full swing. But anyways here is the Start-up Repair

StartupRepair V2

Problem Signature 1: AutoFailover

Problem Signature 2: 6.0.6001.18000.6.0.60001.18000

Problem Signature 3: 5

Problem Signature 4: 589833

Problem Signature 5: CorruptFile

Problem Signature 6: CorruptFile

Problem Signature 7: 3221225705

Problem Signature 8: 2

Problem Signature 9: SystemRestore

Problem Signature 10: 0

OS Version: 6.0.60001.

Locale ID:

If anyone can help make sense of this, and tell me what I should do next it would be greatly appreciated. More importantly is the data/file on the HD still access so I can make a back up?

So I downloaded Ubuntu and tried running it on my laptop, but ran into this message during the process.

(initramfs)mount:mounting/dev/loop0 on//filesystem.squashf's failed: input/output error
Can not mount/dev/loop0(/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashf's)on//filesystem.squashf's

Don't know what I 'm doing wrong, was the file I downloaded corrupt? I just need to access some files and documents for back up. Then I can scrap this HD. Anyone have any other ideas?



Apr 18, 2011
Your data is likely still there. Kristain seems to be a troll, as you didn't mention anything about ram.

I'm not entirely sure what the issue is, but here's an idea. Got another computer you can borrow? Put the HD in the computer or buy a HD enclosure (2.5") or get a SATA USB adapter (if you can't put the hd in the pc I recommend the third option most as the usb adapter will work on 3.5" HDs to if you ever need to use it that way, the enclosure is more if you want to make it an external drive). Then try to find your files, which are in \Users\yourusername.
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