Question HP Laptop Screen Dimming Issues When Charging

May 31, 2020
Hello forum.

I've been having this issue with the screen going black for a while know. I'm at the end of my rope now.

HP Pavilion DM4 laptop owned since new back in 2011. About 3 years ago whenever I plug the charger in the screen goes dim (to the point I can't see anything but you can see the laptop is still running). Putting the computer to sleep and back on usually brings the screen back to full bright. In addition, if you try to dim the brightness level while charging from full bright to anything else the screen goes dim too!

One thing to note is that the only refresh rate available is 60p Hz. The display adapter is an Intel HD Graphics 3000. I've previously tried adjusting all the various settings to no avail. I've pulled out the battery, the cmos battery, the ram and still not working. I've even tried the registry jack to disable the refresh rate adjustment that takes place when charging.

I Just reset the pc to windows 10 version 2004 and I'm still having the problem.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.