HP M8120n upgrades vista and memory


Apr 4, 2010
I have this computer and want to update it. Im running vista 32 now and would like to go to Windows 7. Will I be able to upgrade to Windows 7 64 from vista 32?

If all this is possible, I will upgrade the memory too. It has 3gb now. Can I add (2) 2gb to get 6 total keeping (2) 1gb installed now or do I have to go to 8gb which is the system max? It uses PC2 5300. CAN i use PC2 6400 memory?


bad bones i did the m8120 upgrade to windows 7 64 bit. It wont boot with 8gb so only buy 3 2gb memory. The motherboard specs are incorrect. Also slow load for windows 7. Other than that runs great with 6gb i would upgrade your motherboard and case so u can use 8 gb. The specs said 8gb on 64 bit system but they lie and there is no windows 7 64 bit bios upgrade to fix the problem. Good luck