Hp media center PCm7330n



what level is this comparable with storage, ram, and processing on this old computer. Any ability to alter it, just for no. of programs open at same time and processing speed. or if i buy upgrade, what processor is faster, but not need to be the fastest out there today.


The simple answer is the your computer is so old that just about any mainstream product will be faster. Unfornately it is not upgradeable as they no longer make CPUs with that socket type, although maybe you could find something on eBay. But the specs don't say if it is upgradeable or not - or what the max size is. Here are the specs:


Your best deal is likely to be found in a simple system like eMachines on sale at a local computer store - or online. What computer stores do you have in your area?

What applications do you use? Anything more challenging than surfing the internet, email, MS office programs, and watching DVDs? Here are some systems for sale at newegg that will handle those light tasks:

lenovo IdeaCentre K220-K3644 (53581FU) Pentium dual-core E5200(2.50GHz) 4GB DDR3 500GB Intel GMA X4500 Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit - Retail - $370
Note that this item has a much faster CPU, four times the RAM and twice the HD space - plus a much better integrated graphics card than your HP. It only has 2 RAM slots and both are used - also 4 GB is system max - so you cannot upgrade here. It does have an x16 slot to add a graphics card but the listing does not report the size of PSU so I have no idea what it will accomodate.

eMachines ET1831-03 Pentium dual-core E5300(2.60GHz) 4GB DDR2 750GB NVIDIA GeForce 7050 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - Retail - $390
Note that this is a much faster CPU, has 4 times the RAM, and 3 times the hard drive spacem and most likely much faster integrated graphic than your HP. Exact same situation regarding RAM and graphics cards as above, except that it does state size of power supply - only 250w - which practically speaking leaves no room for a graphics card upgrage.

HP Compaq dx2450(NV443UT#ABA) Athlon X2 5200B(2.7GHz) 2GB DDR2 160GB NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE Windows Vista Business / XP Professional downgrade - Retail - $450
This has a faster CPU but less HD storage and twice the RAM of HP - and much faster integerated graphics. It has a 300w power supply so you could add in a very light graphics card.

You can browse the low priced systems at newegg to see additional options. They have lower priced systems with atom and Celeron processors - but I just don't know much about them - or how much slower they are than standard processors.


The prices above do not include freight or taxes. You can off course avoid that cost by purchasing from a local store. If your store has online ads I could look at them to see if anything looks particularly good.