Hp mini will not connect to internet even with cable


Feb 23, 2012
My hp mini will not connect to the internet, even with a cable directly from the modem. We downloaded a bunch of games from the internet, and then in removing the junk, may have deleted vital components. My device manager has "other devices" and under that has "ethernet controller" and "network controller," neither of which has a driver. Windows was unable to find a driver when I tried to reinstall the driver (although I'm not sure whether there should be one - the icon next to everything in this category is a yellow question mark). I thought the problem was just a wireless issue until this morning, when I hooked it up with a cable to try to find a wireless driver. It does not connect with the cable either, and now I am really lost. Please help!


You will need another computer with access to the internet to download the driver you need. On the computer with internet access go to HP's website located the ethernet driver for you HP, and put it on a usb key. Move the key to the HP machine and install the driver.