Question HP monitor turns on for a second then goes off ?


Jul 13, 2021
My monitor I got last 3 years ago which is a 17-inch HP L1710 began to malfunction as I press the power button, the monitor turns on for a second then goes off but the lights are still on ? Are there any solutions to fix this?


Likely not. At least not any DIY (Do It Yourself) solutions as I understand your post.

Many products are not made to be repairable although there are repair places that are willing to make the attempt. Materials (new power button for example) and labor may cost more than a new monitor.

DIY attempts can easily go bad and even be risky: during and after the "repair". Not recommended unless the repair is done by someone skilled in such repairs.

Plus the repair likely will have a very limited warranty and if anything else goes wrong with the monitor the shop will likely claim some other component to now be at fault.

No harm in looking about to determine if someone is willing to take a look and provide a repair estimatefor a fixed fee. Some shops will credit the fee towards the repair costs.

However, with many small monitors (17") now less than $100 USD, I recommend a new monitor with full warranty if at all available.
Jan 30, 2023
I've fixed the same problem by replacing a blown capacitor on the main board in the monitor. It's usually obvious when this has happened as the top of an electrolytic capacitor bulges and sometimes even leaks fluid. In my cases the monitor lasted several more years and finally died of unrelated causes. If the alternative is trashing the monitor, this may be worth a try - get a competent solderer to do it if you aren't confident (I'm not but I managed it). I was very pleased when it worked.