HP motherboard, hard drive and 1 gb of memory cooked all at once!


Aug 3, 2009
I have had an HP Pavilion Elite d5000t for 5 months. Bot HP so I WOULDN'T have problems - once I get one, I like to keep it awhile. This is a bad choice from HP. After coming back from hibernation one day, without any warning, all I got was HP's blue screen upon startup. After troubleshooting online chat for over 6 hours, they said I had a bad motherboard. After extensive hands-on analysis by the Geeksquad, I have a bad hard drive (500gb Seagate), bad motherboard, and a cooked 1 GB of RAM (I had 2-2gb modules and 2-1gb modules).

Does anyone know if ALL the motherboards for this model are bad (i.e. asus ipibl-tx OR Burbank GL8E)? Should I buy another motherboard of this kind?
Also, if I keep this thing what internal hard drive should I put in it? Something that is reliable...... Thanks. JB

Matthew Kane

Jun 26, 2009
I wouldn't be so sure of it being cooked just because somebody else said so (geeksquad don't know jack, and HP as well) The only way to find out is to test and investigate yourself.

Your motherboard:

Case Layout:

First things first, what happens when you turn the computer on?
Do you smell anything smoked (particular out of the PSU, or air blowing out of vent of the case or exhaust)
Once opened up the side case, do you see any bulging or blown capacitors?
Have you tested the RAM modules separately in another computer?
Lift up the Northbridge heatsink and see if anything is black under the silver sh1tsink
Turn on your computer and see if the inside of the case gets heated up fast, large amounts of heat pouring out?
Try and spot for anything burnt, black, produces smell when you power the computer up
Single test each piece of hardware inside the computer (i.e graphics card, hard drive, RAM, CPU and PSU) in another computer

Post pictures of any damages you see on the hardware.


May 8, 2009
I have the d5000t with a Q9450, 8800GT. Mine was a mid June 2008 build. The problems with this model and a few others to a greater extent was the drive from Seagate. There was a thread on Toms about these HP models. Hp should have started by all the hoop jumping you must do before you get a new drive. The power supply is a 460 watt model in the d5000t in most cases. By your post you should have 1 month of warranty left on the standard warranty for this model if it was new. Not sure for a refurb.