Jun 7, 2007
Hey everyone, i just purchased this HP A1740n model computer (
Those are the stats ^ and these are the motherboard specs ( Anywho im fairly new to computers dont know a whole lot and i got some questions for anyone nice enough to reply to them! :) So my first question is i want to upgrade my video card and ive been looking at the 8600gt xxx seems to be a great card for the money and i wanna know if my motherboard can support this card i belive it can with pci-e but i wanna make sure! ( Also my computer came with a stock psu of 300 watts, should i buy a new one for this system? if so ive been looking at this one its a cheap price and i think should do the job (
And last but not least is the memory, i belive my motherboard supports the maximum memory of pc-4200 533mhz. (correct me if iam wrong please) The questions i have about the memory are: Can my motherboard support 4x 1gb of ram? Can my motherboard support DDR2-Dual channel ram or just DDR2 regular ram?
if i can only get regular ram im gonna get these (
If my computer supports dual channel ram i plan on getting these

Anyways whoever reads this and responds much thanks to you!! :sol: :whistle: :love: ;) :D :ange:


Oct 5, 2007
I bought the same video card from TD. No issues. Plugging in a pci-e video card automatically disables onboard video. Don't bother replacing the psu unless it dies. The video card won't stress it. Your motherboard info is here:
BestBuy and others sell the same machine. Walk in there and tell them you want more memory and they should be able to lookup what you need.