Hp nc6230



i have a nc 6230 w/a m750 processor.. i want o know if it will support a m780 processor?.. all the specs seem the same except for a small difference in voltage range.. m750 1.260 - 1.356v and m780 1.260 - 1.404v... the m750 bus/core ratio is 14... the m780 bus/core ratio is 17... will this have an adverse effect?.. i know for sure the m770 is compatible w/my nc 6230 and has a bus/core ratio 16.. any help will be greatly appreciated


Jul 31, 2009
The highest available processor listed on HP's page is the 770. I wouldn't purchase anything higher than that as notebook vendors sometimes allow only certain processors to be used--the idea is that if you need a significant upgrade, you buy a new system from them.
Which, in your case, might be a good idea... I doubt you'll get any real performance increase with this processor change.