Question HP Officejet Pro 8030 Series (8035) Cyan 910xl won't print, but other cartridges work fine. NEW INK


May 19, 2014
I just purchased and installed new ink on the above printer. All of the cartridges print, except for the Cyan cartridge. The HP Smart Windows app shows "new HP cartridges installed", and they are genuine cartridges. I'm not sure why the Cyan cartridge isn't working. How do I go about fixing this? I'm not good with hardware. Also, when my old cartridges were running out of ink, the Cyan cartridge ran out quickest. I've also had no issues with cartridges in the past.

Name: HP77ED23 (HP Officejet Pro 8030 Series)
Status: New HP Cartridges Installed
Product Number: SLJ23A
Service ID: 29360
Firmware Version: MALBECPP1N001.2149B.00 (installed 12/13/2021)
OS: Windows 11 Professional 64-bit (IP 22518.1000)

I tried running printer alignment and it failed. As you can see, no cyan ink is showing.

I also cleaned the printhead and got the following page:

I took the cartridge out and cleaned the inside of the printer with a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol. The tip had blue ink on it, so the cartridge isn't dried out or anything. Expiration date is 8/2023. I'm not sure what else I can do. I've also attempted to contact HP Support multiple times, and no response. Need to figure this out before tax season as we need two working printers in our house.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


This printer?

It does not take much ink to see the color and, in fact, that may have been the result of the alcohol just dissolving dried ink that was present.

As for why the Cyan runs out quickest that may be difficult to determine.

Likely something to do with "CYMK"

Google "How does Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow make Black" for more information.

I have a HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 that seems to go through the colors even though I print black (K) as often as possible.

And the printer refuses to accept genuine cartridges that were used in another HP OfficeJet Pro 9015.

Bear in mind that selling printers is not the profit maker.

Selling ink and toner is.

I will reserve further comment for "Opinions and Experiences".

= = = =

Where was the Cyan cartridge purchased? If at all possible return the cartridge as defective. It may have been truly new or it may have been a refurbished/refilled cartridge and sold as "new".