Review HP Omen 15 (AMD, 2020) Review: A New Look


Sep 29, 2019
HP need to understand that not all people like the Omen theme Design , the red dark theme ..

They need to abandon the Voodoo ideas and omen and bla bla and start introducing other themes for all tastes ... I understand that you bought Voodoo and it is dark themed about spectres , omen , Voodoo , Magic , Totems , and etc but this is in the past , it is OVER . you bought them.

You are losing half the customers who like your hardware and prices but hate the omen theme .

Make both Light and Dark themes please dont stick to Voodoo designs you are losing alot of customers who dont like the Logo and the red color and all this stuff.

I was going to buy a gaming notebook for my kids and they were scared from your dark theme and did not like it we ended up buying from ASUS.

this is scary for some kids , and even for many adults not a nice thing they like to see when booting up their pc or using a monitor .

Also the Logo deters many from buying your gaming products , it is dark themed and not something that many people feel good when looking at it.




I wound up buying this laptop after spending a long time debating between this and the Lenovo Legion. I went with the HP because it was the only one that offered the 1660TI and the Ryzen 4800H. There's lots of things I like about this laptop and a lot of things I don't like.

Likes: I like the keyboard that the keys are nicely spaced out and that the keyboard is very easy to type on. And upgrading was way easier than on other laptops I have owned / used. It took no effort at all to add a second SSD and I added a 1TB WD Black 750 with no problems whatsoever.

And dislikes: The AC adapter is the size of a brick and weighs just about as much. It's also very cheaply constructed and after owning this laptop for about a week, looks like I had the AC adapter for 2 years. Yeah the bloatware is annoying but most of it can be disabled. Also, not having a 10 number keypad is annoying but I am getting used to it.


Sep 14, 2010
HP need to understand that not all people like the Omen theme Design , the red dark theme ..
That's kind of the point. VoodooPC was one of the top boutique PC makers before HP bought them. You wanted the best at any cost, and they'd build it for you. (Their desktops cost nearly $10,000 in 2005.) They were not a company for the casual user, and didn't need to appeal to everyone.

In recent years HP has really misused the brand. It makes sense to use Voodoo branding on things like the envy 133, the blackbird, and whatever other top-of-the-line products HP feels like making. Using it on everything they sell that's even remotely gaming related dilutes it so much that they may as well not use it at all.