Question HP Omen 27c monitor has no signal after turning off ?


Jun 29, 2016
Hey guys,
I have a strange problem. Can't figure it out.
I have bought an 27-inch curved monitor. Omen 27C.
I have an Nvidia GTX1070Ti and windows 10. 2xHDMI 2xDP
Most up-to-date drivers.
I have 3 monitors now.
  1. Normal Acer monitor HDMI
  2. Philips TV. HDMI
  3. HP Omen 27c Display port
Acer and Philips TV both are connected by HDMI.
Omen is connected by a Display port.
The problem is as follows:
When turning the PC on I need to first turn on the Omen monitor and then the PC. Otherwise, I have No signal. Need to pull the Display port out of the PC and reconnect it. The PC does not see the monitor.
Otherwise, it will be showing No signal. Even if turn the monitor is turned off and on again. No signal.

In Points:
  1. All 3 monitors turned off by pressing the On/off/Standby button.
  2. I turn on the PC.
  3. I turn on the Monitors.
  4. Acer monitor turns on and picks up signal.
  5. Philips TV turns on and picks up signal.
  6. PC sets up as if I have only 2 monitors connected.
  7. HP 27C Omen monitor turns on, shows no Signal.
  8. I need to physically pull out the Display port out of the PC. Plug it in again.
  9. HP 27C Omen monitor sees signal and turns on.
  10. The desktop icons rearrange to correct setting.
Checked the connection, and cable, and nothing changes.
Tried looking at HP forums and tried all the Youtube ideas and nothing helps as nothing is quite the same as my problem.
Turning it off and on again with the power button does nothing. No signal.

What can I do so I don't have to pull out the Display port from the GPU?
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