Review HP Omen 27u Review: Slick Style And 144Hz 4K Performance


Feb 21, 2016
700$ is one garbage price to pay to get 144hz at 4k

there's no way 144hz cost them more vs a 60hz model to make; it's pure price gauging

It's been 7+ years and we're still at 700$+ for high refresh 4k; I just don't buy it:rolleyes:
Oct 7, 2022
32 ms input lag?? You sure?? I just bought it but I'm going to return the bloody thing. That is way too slow. Who wants 32 ms input lag! What monitor has 32 ms input lag these days? Ouch!! Or did you meant 3.2 ms. Cause 3.2 or 32 is a huge difference!
If this is a mistake I would change it in the article cause no one will buy this monitor. I almost got a heart attack reading this! Going to return it.. This is bad if 32 ms input lag is the real thing..