Question HP Omen 880 pre-built AIO fan immediately hits 5000 RPM on startup

Dec 5, 2021
Hi there, I recently bought a desktop from a friend, which was a prebuilt HP Omen with the following specs:
64 GB DDR4 3200hz
HP Omen 880 case
The rest of the specs are unknown, because I simply cannot find the exact model of this PC anywhere with full specs, meaning no MOBO manual.

I recently took apart the entire rig to deep clean it, as I have build experience in the past. Everything seemed to be fine, and it came time to start it up. As soon as I hit the power button, the CPU fan (for the AIO) spins rapidly, and is extremely loud. The PC seems to boot fine, but the pump fan goes up to 5000 RPM (as recorded in HPs extremely limited BIOS). There is no way to set fan speeds in their bios, so is there anything I can do in windows itself to lower that fan speed? Or is the thermal sensor incorrectly reading the CPU temps as too high, and just blowing as fast and loudly as possible? Any help is greatly appreciated, and I can provide as much info as I know if needed!
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You might want to inspect the connectors in your system and if you've plugged the CPU cooler's fan in the wrong header on the motherboard. As for your prebuilt, you should be able to find a sticker on it with the prebuilt's serial number. Use that number on HP's support site to bring up a support portal bespoke to your unit. You should find a tab for documentations.

Just for the sake of relevance; page 13 in the manual, found here using a generic listing for the 880 Omen, here.
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