Question HP Omen help with LCD screen replacement. ?


Dec 7, 2007
Hey people...

My son's laptop (HP Omen Model I5-ce003na) screen is broken, his brother threw something at him an broke screen. I was wondering can I upgrade it to UHD glossy I think it's a TFT in it previously it's a 30 pin model no B156HAN04.2...

What are my options... can I go 4k.. can I go 4k touchscreen.. also hoping to get a fast refresh rate the one he had is 144hz... interested to see what are options here.. would like to surprise him with an upgrade instead of just a replacement :)

Any recommendation's...

All help is greatly appreciated, cheers

Edit 1:
Looking bit more into it's likely that maybe I can change the 40 to 30 pin cable for a 40 to 40 pin edp.. found this on hp forums:

I also been looking at some more panels from same manu, if I can change the cable (which I think I can , looks like anyway) to 40 pin connection maybe I can I put in a B156ZAN05.1 UHD 120hz :).. if available or maybe a B156ZAN05.0 500cd 60hz ??


Edit 2: My question was not answered and then deleted. I didn't know I wasn't aloud to bump the thread back up sorry about that.. but I haven't got any help from anyone not a single reply ... would anyone have any information on this ?

Am I in the right room for this question ???



15.6" FHD 75 Hz, IPS WLED-backlit, 1080p
15.6" FHD, 144 Hz, IPS WLED-backlit, 1080p
15.6" FHD 240 Hz IPS WLED-backlit, 1080p
15.6" FHD, 300 Hz, IPS WLED-backlit, 1080p

Gaming Displays👆 and are what generally are sold with Omens.

Media Displays 👇 Slow response times.
15.6"4K UHD "Yes this is an optional upgrade on Omen 15's"
15.6' 1200p WUXGA

Those are the only ones you should look at, when you start converting to the other panels you end up with backlight issues.