Question HP Omen Laptop WiFi Hot spot error


Aug 13, 2009
I am unable to create a hot spot in my Windows 10 laptop. I get an error message that it's unable to run because I don't have ethernet, wifi or data connection. I get online via a wifi connection provided by my LGV20 Verizon network phone through the PdaNet app. Web searches tell me that my wifi network adapter does not enable wifi network due to driver issues. The adapter is an Intel Dual Band Wireless-ac 7265. A command prompt search of' netsh wlan show drivers' brings a response of NO to Hosted Network Supported. The website that recommended this prompt states that the adapter then does not support hot spot.

I am open to whatever solution works.
Can I replace that Intel card with another one.?
Can I install a driver that will make it work as one person with the problem said he was able to do. (I have not been able to rollback or update drivers to resolve. I'm no expert at it)?
Can I purchase a USB wifi drive that includes hosted network support and make it work that way? ( I've searched but have not seen that confirmed with these adapters.)

(I was going to upload an image of my Command Prompt search but the link is for a hosted page. I don't have that available. )