Question HP Omen with Windows 10 Freezing when exporting video.

Mar 18, 2019
I have a relatively new Hp Omen 870 with a clean install of Windows 10. I bought it looking to get more into video editing and have a faster rig for recording music. The other day I downloaded OpenShot recommended from an online article and got to editing some recent footage I've shot. It's 1080 at 30fps, and while these files are bigger, I know they shouldn't be too much for my computer to handle. Editing on OpenShot was decent, although I had a fair share of short freezes and spotty playback, but when I went to export the video, it would take a VERY long time to get started and maybe 20-50 percent of the way through would freeze and shut the computer down. I tried exporting in 720, to decrease the burden, and the same thing happened. I opened the utilities manager and it said that I was taxing my system really heavily. I dont have hardly any files on this thing and all the software is fresh. I was thinking that maybe it could be because I was using a free video editor that I've never heard of, but not sure. Any ideas?

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