Question HP Pavilion 14-cs0051wm has No Internet, ethernet works but there are DNS issues

Sep 22, 2019
At the end of August, my HP Pavilion 14-cs0051wm (Windows 10) would no longer connect to the internet. I could see the available networks just fine and even sign in, but I would get there error that there may not be internet available through this connection. I tried this at a different location with a different wireless connection and the issue persisted. I have absolutely no idea what the issue could be. The only thing that I can conceivably believe to be the issue is that the wireless card has issues. But why would I still be able to connect? Here is what I have tried:

  • Windows Wireless Troubleshooter - No issues were detected
  • Restarting the computer, manually disabling the wireless and re-enabling - Nothing.
  • Resetting Google Chrome settings to defaults via the chrome://flags - Nothing.
  • DNS flush - I was not able to release the DNS using ipconfig /release. It would not work.
  • Change DNS - I set the DNS to with an alternate of
  • sfc /scannow - The scan went through and issues were detected, but they were not able to be fixed for some un-described reason.
  • Disabling wireless driver and restarting the computer - Nothing.
  • Deleting driver and reinstalling - Nothing. The driver is on the latest version available (checked with another HP laptop.)
Then I tried connecting via an Ethernet cable. A whole slew of new issues arose, and I was also able to try a few more things:

  • I could connect to the internet now. However, random websites would not work. Some that I tried were,, and random tech forums. None of those would connect, and would give a ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED. and other random websites still work.
  • I tried to use the HP internet assistant to assess the issue, but the test failed because could not be contacted.
  • Windows Update had no updates available to download after checking
  • I reset the PC. After doing so, the internet could actually connect! The DNS was still an issue though. After a reboot, however, the No Internet issue returned.
  • Full computer scan of the computer for viruses -- including rootkits -- with Malwarebytes. Nothing. (I actually had to download the program on another device and transfer the installer via flash drive because due to the DNS issue, I could get onto the Malwarebytes website but I could not download the program because the download server was not able to be contacted. The download would not start).
So all in all, I have absolutely no clue whatsoever what is wrong with this computer. Not getting internet is one issue, but even with an Ethernet cable I still can't use most of the internet due to this (what I assume is) DNS issue. Clearly it isn't a problem with Windows, and it isn't a problem with the connections I am connecting to. What am I missing?
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First, where did you get that secondary DNS of is Google and the secondary is

Curious about why that alternate IP was chosen/used?

Second, as for the computer: make and model wireless adapter?

Ensure that only one network adapter, either wired or wireless, is enabled. Not both.

Did you try flushing the dns via "ipconfig /flushdns" (without quotes) via the command prompt? (You mentioned release, not sure if you actually meant flush.)

Check the hosts file. Reference:

Run and post the results of "ipconfig /all" (without quotes) via the command prompt.